Improved aesthetics and correction of bite defects for everyone.

Correction of bite defects

We provide full diagnosis of occlusion including dental examination and panoramic X-ray and, if necessary, cephalometric. As a result of a number of computer simulations and the preparation of standard models, we set up a comprehensive treatment program with the patient.

Orthodontic treatment is offered to children, adolescents as well as adults.

To correct significant bite defects we use fixed or mobile devices. More demanding Patients and we recommend the most modern technology, almost non-invasive straightening of the teeth using the Clear Aligner transparent overlay system, to correct minor bite defects.


Clear Aligner
Clear Aligner is the latest orthodontic correction method for correcting bite defects. The use of transparent toothpaste made from soft material guarantees maximum comfort. Almost invisible camera, well suited to the teeth do not feel embarrassed when talking or wide smile.

Orthodontic treatment is often used in the preparation of surgical procedures, prosthetics and implants.

Orthodontics is an operation that aims to improve the visual state of our teeth. It also affects our overall appearance, because aesthetic dentistry compensates for cracks, thereby maintaining the symmetry and harmony of the entire face.