Cosmetic dentistry and teeth whitening

Why smile is important?

Sometimes we do not realize how important a role is the smile in our lives. When we smile we send signals to others that we are happy every moment, we are happy, happy, ready to take on new challenges, open to new contacts. We break the barriers by a white smile. The environment is perceived by us as a person with a good temperament and therefore we raise our trust.

Discolored teeth cause us to smile less often, we cover our mouth with our hands, we are ashamed, we close ourselves. Fortunately, there are professional methods that will help us restore a good-looking smile and thus our positive self-esteem and well-being. The dentist’s dental whitening procedure is the cheapest “plastic surgery”.

Do you know? In a 2008 study by the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry (AACD), it was shown that 100% of the respondents, after showing a picture of a wholesome white person, thought it was more attractive, Intelligent and successful than the same person from another photo with discolored teeth that did not look healthy.



PrevDent – Reduction of teeth sensitivity and their whitening

PrevDent is a tooth whitening and enamel repair system for use in a dental office. What distinguishes it from other bleaching products available on the market is the combination of active whitening substance hydrogen peroxide with nano-hydroxyapatite, which re-mineralise enamel and significantly reduces tooth sensitivity.

With the Prevdent system, your dentist will achieve the result of white teeth (7-8 shades) in less than 1.5 hours. Your teeth will become not only brighter but also healthier. The PrevDent system will restore their natural whiteness while providing significantly reduced tooth hypersensitivity.

1. Cleaning discolorations

This step, by using the “Stain Removal” preparation, removes deeply fixed discolorations on the teeth. Stain removal is an advanced combination of surfactants, detergents, solvents and active oxygen that penetrates deep into the teeth to break down and remove stains on the teeth.

2. Teeth whitening

As a result of mixing two components, we obtain a foam of active oxygen with nano-hydroxyapatite, which penetrates the enamel structure, whitens the tooth surface and causes additional mineralization of the tooth. The result: whiter, brighter and healthier smile even for 2-3 years!

3. Remineralization

Application PrevDent Serum provides enamel with a concentrated amount of nano-hydroxyapatite. The product re-mineralises and repairs tooth surfaces, at the same time eliminating their painful hypersensitivity, not only after surgery but also long after it.



Opalescence – Overlay Whitening

Opalescence teeth whitening is effective for brushing entire teeth, as well as single teeth and even tooth fragments. Prosthetic restorations (eg crowns and bridges) and fillings remain unchanged. How does Opalescence tooth whitening work? Ingredients of the preparation release oxidizing oxygen atoms – whitening of teeth discoloration.

If necessary, after the color has stabilized (usually two weeks), the dentist can replace the color by choosing the appropriate color. As a rule, the teeth first whiten and then fill the cavities by matching the color of the fillings and prosthetic restorations to the new brighter.

Overlay Whitening

The most commonly used overlapping whitening. The doctor receives impressions, allowing for the implementation of special patient-specific overlays for the teeth.

Overlapping whitening

Transparent, comfortable and flexible overlay ensures the safety of bleaching during sleep and is unnoticeable during the day. The dentist gives the patient a Opalescence syringe, explains to the patient how to apply it to the overlay, and when to wear it. At home, the patient simply inserts a gel filled cap on the tooth and leaves it all night.

The effect is visible very quickly, often after the first night. Depending on your needs, the treatment lasts from three to ten nights . A dentist may also recommend putting on a whitening gel pad during the day. Usually the dentist appoints a few days of follow-up visits.

It is also possible to whiten your teeth in the office, then do not use overlays, but only apply a special Whitening Opalescence Boost to your teeth. The effect of whitening can be achieved even after one visit. It is a much faster method, as safe and effective as bleaching with overlays . Sometimes very dark teeth may require bleaching for a longer period of time.



Beyond – Lamp whitening

Dental whitening has become a very competitive market. You have the choice between the BEYOND system and other popular techniques such as: dental bleaching rays, pharmacy products, or office bleach based on unprofessional LEDs.

Used in our office Beyond Accelerator is a professional tooth whitening device that delivers excellent whitening results in less time than other whitening methods. The entire operation is completed within 60 minutes.

When filtering the intense blue world emitted at 150W, the specially designed halogen bulb passes through optical lenses and 12,000 fiber optics, making the Beyond accelerator able to eliminate harmful ultraviolet (UV) rays and high temperatures.

Teeth whitening is a commonly recommended dental treatment and ponda is the easiest way to significantly improve the appearance of the teeth and the smile of the patient.

Dental whitening with uv