World class dental diagnosis.

X-ray diagnostics are made with cameras equipped with radiovision technology, using non-standard film but special sensor. Thanks to that, the radiation dose needed to overexpress the tooth is smaller and the result is obtained immediately on the computer screen. For spotting a single tooth, we use a point-and-shoot camera.

Whenever it is necessary to evaluate the entire dentition and if we want to visualize such anatomical jaw structures, we are using a digital camera for pantomographic imaging. A modern class of tomographer can perform comprehensive jaw images. The device is additionally equipped with a layered tomography module and allows for transverse shots, cross sections of the jaw and mandible.

Computer tomography is helpful in the planning of implantation procedures as a pre-treatment review of dental implants, as there may be pathological conditions around the teeth and jaw bones without any symptoms but which are detected by such prophylactic screening.

Price list

RTG – Spot photo of a tooth 30 zł
Pantomogram – panoramic photo of the teeth 80 zł
Computer tomography – teeth 150 zł
Computer tomography – jaw 200 zł
Computer tomography – a whole 250 zł