Over 30 years of experience, professionalism, modern solutions and a friendly atmosphere.

Our office boasts over 30 years of experience in caring for your smile. The last 20 years is the period of the most dynamic development and the pursuit of today’s dentistry. Doctors, assistants and staff working for PRODENT Tarnow are systematically trained, participating in symposiums, congresses and lectures held in Poland and abroad. We are regular guests of the fair and dental courses, with all the news we bring to our dental practice.


Our surgery consists of three modern dental posts. To better and more accurately diagnose dentition and periodontal tissues, we have acquired Gendex radiobisic imaging system. This enables the RTG image of your dentition to appear immediately on our computer screen. The system guarantees an almost negligible radiation dose for the patient and staff.

To better reproduce the anatomy of the oral cavity, prosthetic restorations use a very precise device for mixing Pentamix impression masses. The materials for tooth fillings of American and Italian companies give you full aesthetics. Using the so-called. The chameleon effect adapts its shade to the neighboring teeth and becomes unnoticeable.

To make your teeth more stable than snow, we use the Beyond system – most commonly used in the United States and EU countries for tooth whitening . The use of biostimulant lasers has become almost routine in our clinic over the past few years. He is responsible for the very rapid reversal of mucosal lesions, healing, relief of pain.